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Here you will find information from the Dorset and Wiltshire Youth Forum activities and articles of interest to Youth Rugby.


Go to: to learn more and keep yourself and your children SAFE. It is FREE, only takes 30 mins to complete and could save a life.

RFU Sevens update for Age Grade Rugby is HERE

A referee feedback form for all U14-U18 games, friendly of competition society or club ref can be found here, please consider carefully what you write and be constructive in any criticism.

2016/17 YSS with RFU overlay - Here       Age grade Calendar 2017/18 is here

Youth playing out of age grade form is Here

Tours: all information and Forms are on this link. Remember to Tour or host a Tour to/from outside England you MUST have CB approval

 RFU Regulations   Reg 15 (2016/17)  Reg 15 Guidance   Age Grade Brochure

Age Grade Rugby click here for the RFU calendar of competition options

Line Out FAQ’s - Consider the uncontested lineout as “uncontested catch”


We have had reports of players not having pitch side concussion assessments and being allowed to play on. Firstly if a player is even slightly suspected of having concussion they should be removed from play IMMEDIATELY. Also pitch side assessments are only to be carried out at championship level and above and then only carried out by a qualified person. As no clubs in our area are playing at this level the message is the same for age grade and senior players, if in doubt get them off the pitch and to A&E. ALL coaches (and team managers, Players, parents in fact anyone connected to rugby) should undertake the online concussion module on England rugby.

Please spread the word and let's look after our kids heads.

Young Player Development Committee (YPDC)

Chair - Nick Elbourne

Secretary (a volunteer is still desperately required - contact Nick Elbourne if you can offer your services)

The next meeting will take place on xxxxx 2017 at Salisbury RFC 7.30

This meeting brings together output from both Fora, Schools, DPP, Safeguarding and County Squads. It approved County squad activity and club school liaison issues. 2 club reps from each forum are members as well as chairs and key CB officials

This reports to the RDP committee on all aspects of U6 to U18 playing.

Sept 2016 Notes

January 2016 Meeting notes

May 2015 meeting notes

Sept 2015 meeting notes


Chair: Chris Jones (Devizes) 

Secretary: Justin Cliff (Royal Wootton Bassett) 


Invited attendees: Mini/Youth Chairs and Club Coaching Coordinators (or representative) from each club in Wiltshire having a Youth section, RDO and CRC staff, plus CB officials who have an open invitation to attend all Forum meetings and are most welcome..


Meeting take place 3 times per season - to fit in with reporting chain (M/Y PDC and RDP). Usually hosted at Devizes RFC from 7.30 PM until about 9 PM.


Invites are sent via GMS e-mail system to role holders “M&Y Chair”. and “Junior Chair” please ensure the role is set on GMS otherwise you won’t get invites and other important information.

Next meetings  24th April 2017

All  7.30 PM SHARP at Devizes RFC


Standing agenda:

Midi Competitions, Junior Competitions:, CB Age Grade squads & DPP, Regulation issues (including AGCR), Safeguarding/Discipline issues, GMS system issues, Coach Training (RDO lead items), AOB (big topics please notify to Secretary in advance)

Notes from previous meetings:

September 2014

January 2015

May 2015

Sept 2015

Jan 2016

May 2016

Sep 2016

Jan 2017

Core Values Reminder

At the recent Wilts Forum we discussed about our Core Values and that we would be receiving many new people to Rugby and Rugby clubs on the back of the Rugby World Cup.

I would like to re-iterate that point.

Not only inside the rugby clubs, but also on the playing field and on the touchline it is important that we uphold those values. You as coaches and chair should address any behavior or language that is not appropriate. You are well within your rights to ask someone to leave if they do not desist.

Importantly the abuse of players or referees is a disciplinary offence and not only the offender but also the club can be help responsible.

Please can you remind all players, coaches and parents or supporters that our game is based on Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

If we keep our values we will continue to grow the game at this important time.

Yours in Rugby

Chris Jones

Wilts Forum Chair


Chair - Rob Whitham 

Secretary - Graham Leveridge 

Meetings move around to various clubs in Dorset, 3 times a year, usually 1 week after the Wiltshire forum meeting, also reporting to M/Y PDC and RDP

Next meeting at Wimborne RFC  3 April 2017

Notes from previous meetings:

January 2015

May 2015

Sept 2015

Jan 2016

May 2016

Sep 2016

Jan 2017


New Season Dates Season 2016/17 finishes 1 May. Refer Regs 11 and 15 for out of season approved activities. No contact Rugby at MINI/MIDI level after 2 May - including UK Tours. Only pre-approved activities outside of season for ALL youth, see regulation 15.6.

September bar on matches and festivals for Mini age grades has now been removed from regulation. Sensible to only arrange joint training in early September though rather than Festivals.

Are you aware of this voluntary fixture exchange ? Could be worth signing up to. Open to Junior and Senior sides. Also has a Twitter feed.

w.e.f. Sept 2016, U13 will become Midi Rugby along with U12 - No Mixed Rugby at U12

Youth Discipline:

See sanctions in Regulation 19 Appendix 2

Festivals & Tours:

Please get your approval requests for Festivals in well before the date. Application for Festivals in week 3 and 4 of September will be considered.


Also please ensure inbound and outbound tour applications are sent to CB Hon Sec in sufficient time (at least 2 months) - Originals only by post please not pdfs.

Article on Injury Prevention courtesy Will Owen (Devizes) click here

Concussion recovery: 5 papers from Devizes RFC which are recommended for all club use.

Concussion assessment  Concussion recuperation tool   Action in the event…. 

GRTP   Parent/Player letter 

Perhaps all clubs holding Festivals should put this in the programmes: (Most points apply to Coaches as well) This applies to ALL sports. (credit to @rugbyeng via Twitter) Embedded image permalink

Youth Forum Contacts

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Click here for a calendar showing all youth fixtures and events.