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Dorset & Wiltshire Youth and Midi Competitions - Season 2016/17


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2017/18 Age Grade Playing Calendar - Click Here

YSS for season 2016/17 is here 

Competition organisers 2016-17 season

Competition Committee

Clive Drake (Chair - Appeals for all competitions)

U17/18 competitions

Clive Drake (Competition Director)

David Wookey (Knock Outs)

Adam Wookey (Merit Tables South and West leagues)

Pete Ritson

(League Sec for Northleagues)

D&W U15 & U16 competitions

David Wookey 

D&W U14 Competition

Graham Leveridge

All players must be registered BEFORE they play - Reg 15.15 refers. Please check on GMS before putting a new player on the pitch that their registration has been completed. Match cards with PENDING against a player will be considered as a breach of competition rules. - this applies to all competitions from U14 to U18

All Youth competitions (U14-U18) are published on the GMS Competition system and willbe viewable via your Club GMS. Please ensure you have the “coach” role against your age grade to view this. Also available from RFU website at Please select either your team or the competition in the search field

Document Links (2016/17 comps) -

Click Here for U12-U13 Entry Form

Click Here for U12/13 Rules

Click Here for U12/13 squad entry sheet (2 weeks before festival takes place)

Click Here for U14 entry form

Click Here for U14 Rules

Click Here for U14 Match Card

Click Here for U15/16 entry form

Click Here for U15/16 Rules

Click Here for U15-U16 Match Card

Click Here for U17/18 entry form

Click Here for Colts (U17/18) Match Card

Click Here for YSS (showing cup, DPP and CB dates)

Click Here for playing out of age grade permission

Click Here for Code of Conduct

Note: There is no requirement to start with a Front Row but you should make every effort to do so. RFU agree that it's better to play a game with uncontested scrums than players not getting Rugby, therefore providing it's not every week we are content that this should happen. RFU regulations allow for short numbered and uncontested scrums. We ask you to annotate teh match card accordingly.

D&W Competitions Committee expects teams, in the spirit of good rugby, to match team  sizes in all competitions when 1 side is short on numbers. This can be either by loaning players or dropping numbers to match. Scrums must always be balanced i.a.w. RFU Regulation 15

Games may proceed in all Youth fixtures down to 12 a side as per Senior competition.

Clash of Colours

The competition Committee have declared that the most consistent position is that in junior rugby the home team changes and in SW Senior rugby the away team changes – until the SW changes its mind.  It has been discussed several times since they decided to differ from the RFU. So in Colts Cup and Merit Table matches the home team changes.  We will amend Appendix 3 for next season.  It does mean that U17 Cup qualifiers going into the SW and RFU stages will also find consistency, the home team changes.

Remember the referee please! For details of appointments and who to contact, click here

2016-2017 Colts (17-18) Competitions

U17/18 Merit Table and Cups set up meeting will be held on TBA at North Dorset RFC.

The Tables and U17 Knock Out competitions are now published on GMS, copies have been e-mailed to club contacts and Referee Society See also RFU page 

Invoices have been issued to all clubs entering

See also for the Administrative Instruction.

Results may now be tweeted to @colts_d  for Prem, South & Knock-Outs) or @RitsonsResults (for NorthEast/West)These are private twitter accounts set up by Adam Wookey  & Pete Ritson for this purpose only. They are NOT endorsed by Dorset and Wilts CB, but we have them running as an experiment to see if it is a good use of social media for result management.

Under 17 Cup

This forms a lead in to the RFU competition, therefore we flow down those rules.

We have been asked about shortage of qualified front row. This has been discussed with RFU as below:

Our feeling is that we want to get games played so we wouldn’t be overly bothered by starting uncontested scrums, even if that’s not quite what the regulations say. If a team wanted to start every fixture with uncontested scrums then we would have more of a problem but if it’s a one-off game, and in the interests of getting a fixture played, we would allow it to start uncontested.


1.                  REPLACEMENTS

1.1               Replacements will be allowed under the relevant World Rugby laws and rolling substitutions will be permitted.

1.2               In the interests of safety a team fielding a squad of fewer than 22 players in a Competition match must ensure that they have a suitable number of Front Row replacements in accordance with World Rugby Law 3 (suitably trained and experienced players in the front row).

1.3               If in any match including a Final a team cannot comply with the requirements of World Rugby Law 3 such that when a front row player requires to be replaced, his team cannot provide a suitably trained and experienced replacement player to enable the team to continue to safely play with contested scrums the referee having made enquiry and confirmed this fact with the captain of the team and the manager or adult official from the Club responsible for the team the match will continue with uncontested scrums, and (subject to the provisions of Regulation 8.6) the final result of the match will stand.

1.4               Where during a match:

(i)                  a player is temporarily suspended from the field of play (which includes a blood injury) and that suspension results in a replacement on any occasion, and his team cannot provide a replacement or suitably trained and experienced player to enable the match to safely continue with contested scrums; and

(ii)                the Referee has made enquiry of and confirmed this fact with the Manager of the team or such other person nominated by the Club as the manager or other person responsible for the team); then the match shall continue with uncontested scrums only for the duration of the temporary suspension.  The match result will be unaffected.

1.5               The Divisional Organiser/the RFU will review the circumstances in every case where a match in the Competition is completed with uncontested scrums.  The Divisional Organiser/the RFU will be entitled to take any such action as it deems appropriate.

 Such action may include:

(a)               reversal of the match result; and/or

(b)               a fine and/or payment of compensation; and/or

(c)                disqualification from the Competition in the Season and/or the following Season and the reinstatement of the non-offending team into the next round of the Competition; and/or

(d)               requiring that the match be replayed.

1.6               Where the Divisional Organiser/the RFU Rugby Events & Competitions Department finds that there has been a breach of any Regulation governing the Competition or that a Club in a match in the Competition acting other than in good faith has taken advantage of the provisions of this Regulation, they may take action against that Club as described in 8.5 above.

2016-2017 Youth (14-16) Competitions

Dorset & Wiltshire are running a combined Tiered pool competition (Waterfall) for U14 run by Graham Leveridge A first tier geographic (local) pool and a second tier based on positions in first tier games

U15 & U16 will play the scheme run last season but will be 4 Pools. This is run by David Wookey. U15 has 20 teams, 5 teams per pool playing once, U16 has 16 entries 4 teams per pool playing twice Home and Away. This has been agreed by RFU.

Rules and Match cards are linked in the docs links above

The dates shown on the calendar and Fixture list are “Play By Dates”. Matches may be played at any time prior to the shown date (Note: the agreement of the competition administrator is to be obtained.) If no other arrangements are made it will be assumed that kick off is 11 AM on the Sunday. It is the home side's responsibility to inform Graham or Dave of any changes so that we can inform the referee society. The home side is responsible for ensuring a referee is provided if a Society ref is not appointed, else the match is conceded.  The competition administrator will reschedule games to the next available Sunday if no compromise is found.

Fixtures/Results and Tables are available on your club GMS under teams and also publicly on the RFU competitions pages link here


Pool stages are drawn on a geographic basis as clubs expressed a desire to reduce travel.

Draws for the knockout stage playing order was made at the D&W AGM and and is published direct to clubs..


Importantly all dates provided are PLAY BY. If you know you have a clash on a date you should arrange with your opposition to bring forward, postponements will be in exceptional circumstances only. Why not play midweek or on a Saturday?

If your match has to be postponed for any reason. Please have the courtesy to inform the Competition Coordinator as soon as you are aware. If they are not informed by the result declaration deadline of 6 PM, the match will be declared a nil-nil draw and void. For U15 & 16 pool games a 1 point deduction from both sides will result, Fines may be issued to clubs for non declaration of results or failure to submit Match Cards. Competition Managers will request referees for replay dates.

Perpetual trophies will no longer be awarded for U14 to U18 competitions due to them not being returned.


********** The Dorset & Wilts Referee Society cannot guarantee to cover all fixture and it is the responsibility of the club to have a suitably qualified “club referee” available so that the fixture can go ahead***********************

All U14 to U18 competition fixtures will be initially notified to the Referee society by the competition organisers. This will act as a request for your referee to be appointed. You should get a notification if one is appointed. You should check the referees society web site to confirm. The society has provided the following as additional information and guidance. If a match is postponed or rearranged the competition organisers will amend the dates on the GMS Competition system. The Competition Administrator will also pass on the details to the Society Fixture Secretary for re-appointment if a referee is available.

If games are cancelled the host club must contact the appointed referee and the Re-appointment Sec ( or 01515 390432) immediately so the referee can be re-assigned to another game.

A referee feedback form for all U14-U18 games, friendly of competition society or club ref can be found here, please consider carefully what you write and be constructive in any criticism.


RFU have now produced an open web page for each competition on the system For your league details select TBA

You can also see these through your clubs GMS under Club Profile/competitions

Results for 2016/17 competitions

 U18 (Merit competition)

U17 Knockout


U16 Championship See RFU competitions for details

Semi Finals 2 Apr


Winner -

R/U -


Winner -

R/U -


Winner -

R/U -

Pool 4

Winner -

R/U -



U16 Cup

Winner -  

(RU  )

U16 Plate

Winner -  

(RU  )


U15 Championship  See RFU competitions for details

Semi Finals 12 Mar      


Winner -

R/U -


Winner -

R/U -


Winner -

R/U - T


Winner -

R/U -



U15 Cup Final

U15 Plate Final

Winner -


Winner -




Under 14 Cup Pool

Winner -

Under 14 Plate Pool

Winner –

Under 14 Vase Pool

Winner -

Under 14 CShield Pool

Winner -



Dorset and Wilts U12 & U13 Competitions 2016-17

Following the resignation of Matthew Stephen as coordinator for these age grades we are considering whether to make these competitions Forum based and run rather than Dorset and Wilts competitions committee run. We invite volunteers to take care of these important age grades, especially under the new Age Grade Competition requirements.





U12 Dorset

Sunday 26 Feb 2017

U12 Wiltshire        

Sunday 26 Feb 2017

U13 Dorset

Sunday 12th March 2017

U13 Wiltshire        

Sunday 12th March 2017

Wilts Champs:

Under 12’s  -

Under 13’s -

Dorset Champs:

Under 12’s  -

Under 13’s -

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