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If you need training on GMS please contact your County RDO


and we will arrange a visit/training session or call to assist your requirements. Dave Wookey is a RFU GMS Trainer and can come to your club and run sessions for your administrators to help.

If you experiencing problems and require help please check out the frequently asked Questions below. If you have any issues you can contact Dave Wookey at 

Please note: Club Administrators may also request a Roles Permission Matrix from Dave Wookey if required.

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FAQs - updated 16 November 2016

Q How can I get a known person into my clubs GMS when I can't search outside of club?

Clubs can email  the RFU ID along with name. If they do not know the person's RFU IDs, they can email us their name, DOB and address to assist us in locating them. Support can then add them onto the clubs database without creating a duplicate record.

Q What are the new features loaded in September?

See  and teh new user guides linked above, but in short:

Cleaner ‘Look & Feel’

  • Improved navigation and user interface
  • Highlighted cells to ease searching

New ‘Members Module’

  • Easier to view and create memberships
  • Link memberships to related contacts in a single transaction  

Improved Communication with Members

  • Bulk password reset for administrators
  • Improved internal club notifications linking memberships and registrations

Reporting & Notification Enhancements

  • New club training report
  • Additional fields added to existing reports
  • Store attachments for your club

Teams & Friendly Fixtures

  • Add in multiple friendly fixtures
  • Move some or all team roles (coaches & managers etc.) up an age group in one go

Q        Is there a Data Security Policy statement from the RFU and why do you need e-mail and DoB?

Please see below information about RFU’s stance and reasoning on the collection of data and the RFU’s use of information entered by Clubs.


Collection Of 5 Key Pieces Of Data


We have a responsibility to hold accurate data on the individuals we have on the database and if the individual changes their own personal details or requests us to do so we are obliged under the DPA to do it. This would be impossible if we had duplicate entries for the same person i.e. if they already had an account or had previously been a member at another club. This also includes holding the correct marketing flags for an individual, having a single version of an individual on the database ensures we hold the correct ‘opt in’ and ‘opt out’ settings for that person.


Because the majority of records are created by club volunteers and the need to keep individuals personal details private, duplicate records are created on the system and a process needs to be put in place to help match and merge records if duplicate are identified. This is particularly important to be able to identify those individuals who are subject to actions such as safeguarding bars.


To undertake the deduplication process and match any new records to existing records for the same person (if they exist) we require 5 pieces of information and they are First Name, Last Name, Post Code, Date Of Birth and Email Address and these are mandatory across all RFU systems, not just GMS.


Marketing Messages


When a new member is added to GMS they are automatically opted out of the commercial mailings unless they opt in, either online themselves or by ticking the relevant box on a form.


The current wording on GMS does allow the RFU to contact individuals with non-commercial/rugby related emails if we hold their data for a specific rugby reason on the database and the mailing is related to that. So if somebody has the role of Coach or a coaching qualification we can contact them if there is an important message relating to coaching that we need to distribute e.g. new concussion protocols, DBS changes. These communications will never be of a commercial nature.


Being just a member at a club does not fall under rugby regulations so would not receive emails for that reason however if they request their usernames/password the system needs to be able to send them that email.


The communication aspects of the DPA is primarily written for direct marketing and commercial communications and the RFU are committed to not sending such emails unless the user opts in (see below) for these mailings. Every record on the system has a username and password associated to it and can log in to or GMS to amend their own preferences.



 Again, it is in each club's interests to be able to identify those who are subject to sanctions such as safeguarding bars.

Further Information and their data protection principles can be found at the website of the Information Commissioners at


Q         How can I send everyone a login?

When you send an e-mail via GMS it includes the recipient's login name (as a reminder) and also includes instructions to obtain a password.

So all you have to do is “select all” in “everyone” and send an e-mail. You could include a note on how to renew membership and a request to update their personal details at the same time, thus saving your hard working Data Officer and Membership Secretary a lot of work. We suggest similar wording to:

Q How can someone renew their membership on-line?

When they login to GMS (see above) they access their Personal Detail. There is a menu item - Memberships. Select this and at the top you will see:

This season with Datacleanse, your club may well have changed its membership schemes, so you would be well advised to select Buy Membership. Select the membership appropriate to you and the next. This will let you place order. If your club has elected to use the on-line payments you can then pay on-line. You will be given a link to a secure payment point. Your membership will then be paid and your hard working membership secretary will have been saved a job.

Q        What do I do to Cleanse my clubs Data?

Your Data Officer will be able to download a Spreadsheet from Organisation Profile/DataCleanse. Complete this and upload, FirstSports will make those changes.

If you need help - please ask David Wookey or the DataCleanse helpdesk.Yo

Normal action would be:

Firstly merge out all your duplicates in “everyone”

Next go through the full list and “remove from club” anyone who is not with the club as a paid up member or volunteer.

Set you membership schemes to the ones you want to use and make the others inactive

Finally make those remaining current members of an appropriate membership scheme. It doesn't have to show a cost if you don’t want to. Obviously RFU would prefer you to manage the feres through this system but if that takes a little time to bring on board, so be it. Its an accurate number of members and registered players record that we are interested in.

When that is all done then you get to the niceties, which is allocating coaches and TMs to teams and providing them with access to use GMS to e-mail the players (or just Parents in the case of Young People)

Q        How do I avoid creating duplicates

If you always use proper names and check the spelling and put in the correct DoB you should not create duplicates. Put nick-names etc in as “known as”. see also below.

Q        Parents are inserted as Duplicate records - How can i avoid this?

Initially you need to merge the duplicate records out, then please check before starting the registration if the Parent is already on your clubs GMS everyone list. If they are don't add the parent to the registration, you can add the relationship in GMS which will back fill the registration panel on the next GMS backup session (so don’t expect to see it same day). This advice was provided from the GMS IT database expert in RFU

Q        Which duplicate to I keep and how

Retain the one with most correct information in the name. All other aspects can be selected. If you have one version with an address select this first as it puts the first selected record on the left and then the DoB won't “fall off” we don’t know why this happens but it does!

Q        Why can't I merge some records

Some records contain data specific to other areas of the system such as Supporters Club, DBS or Registered players. These cannot be merged by clubs. If you are unable to merge the records please send the names and numbers to David Wookey who will get it sorted for you.

Q        Membership remains set at Pending after membership purchased.

The M&Y Coach membership is set to Pending on purchase, which is why it defaults to Pending status. You must select them and update the status to Active to clear this

Q        If I inadvertently make someone a member and pay the fees on GMS can I remove this error?

To remove a membership from someone, select the individual or individuals (via the tick box)


More and Update Membership. From here you can select Inactive and this will move the individual from Membership List to Lapsed. It is then possible to assign the new membership by going through the “buy membership” process.

Q        Any updates to the system?

        Yes. Update release 19 April, click here for details.


Q:        Is there a facility to search by name?

Using the filter button at the right hand side of any of the lists under “people” you will have the ability to select people by any of the columns. Individuals are then selected by ticking at the left hand column against the person you are looking for. This brings up a “more” button at the top from which you can make changes to that person – i.e membership status

Q:        How do I apply for a DBS clearance for a member?

Firstly you have to carry the role of Safeguarding Officer or Safeguarding Assistant, then follow the selection method in 1 above, under the “More” button you will have “apply for DBS”. Then go to the e-DBS system to make the application

Q:        I ran a filtered check of members the other day now I can’t see anyone on my members lists?

You have to remove the filter text otherwise it will remain in place for future sessions

Q:        How do I know which role allows the member to do what on the GMS system?

There is a Role Matrix spreadsheet which can be made available to you.  Please request a copy from Dave Wookey at

Q:        Do I always have to access the system going through

You should set up “my rugby” on which will tailor the website to give you information you need, however you will not always want to look at that, so yes, you can jump straight to GMS

See this link for the login sequence

Q:        Can I select a batch of members for renewal or do they have to be done one at a time

Providing they all hold the same membership type you can select by ticking each one on the list then under “more” select “buy membership” – NOTE: YOU SHOULD ENSURE THAT ANY UPDATES TO DETAILS ARE MADE – THIS IS NOT A SHORTCUT TO KEEPING OLD AND UNVERIFIED DATA. Only select by page not select all, otherwise it does not work.

Q:        Can I remove any membership schemes I no longer require?

There is no function to ‘delete’ a membership scheme currently, this is by design.  The reason we chose to not show this option was to try and maintain integrity of data while clubs get used to the new system.  If you have schemes you do not want to use going forward then you simply need to edit the scheme and make it Inactive.  This will mean that it’s then hidden from view when adding and renewing memberships.  

To make a scheme inactive, navigate into Finance and then select the scheme (Tick) then Edit.  The screen will appear as below with the field you need to edit highlighted

Q.        How do Coaches enrol for courses?

To do this individually, they must have GMS access and a Coach role. Clubs can bulk register.

Q.        Can I see my sent mail

Yes, under your “Personal details” and communication historyl

Q.        How many people can I e-mail in one go?

The limit has been removed so you should be able to mail the whole club

Q        I don’t have the ability to see all information I could on Rugby First

You may have 2 recorded records with some roles on each. Contact David Wookey or GMS support to get the records merged, then you will have to select which login to use.

Q.        I have Multiple Logins - Which do I use?

Multiple logins may be as a result of you having multiple records on the system. You will be able to select which one to use after successfully logging in via the login screen using one of your accounts, and see the following screen displaying the accounts linked to your RFU ID.



Q - I have role of M+Y Chair but can only see my own details

Unfortunately at the moment M+Y Chair cannot see club details or make reports - Something I have made the point on - You have to be given another role that permits viewing or amendment of data to see club detail. While Administrator is very high level access at the moment it seems the only way forward, other than Chairman, however Chairman will mean you get sent e-mails designated for Club Chairs only, and that is a Golden Role so can only be held by 1 person at a club

Q - How do I set a coach against an Age Group

Give the person role of COACH or JUNIOR COACH, then go to organisation profile and teams, select the relevant team , then the team roles tab, then add coach. Input the name of the person (search) and select and save. The coach will then be able to access his/her team details and send e-mails to the team (only) - provided you have sent them the credentials. Remember for Youth teams to remove and reset the following season if the coach moves up with the players

GMS Contacts

D&W IT Support Dave Wookey
RDO Wiltshire Alan Low
RDO Dorset Chris Burton