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Rugby Football Funding

For further details on Rugby Funding please contact our Rugby Development Officers, who will be pleased to offer guidance:

  • Dorset: Chris Burton  Tel: 07739 583 536 e:           
  • Wiltshire:  Alan Low   Tel: 07568 127 789 e:                       

There are a number of opportunities to access funding to improve your club's facilities, during the 2015-2016 season eight awards for funding were approved by the RFU for D&WRFU clubs. Other funding agencies also approved a number of awards for D&WRFU clubs.

Please make sure we can assist you at the earliest stages in your planning.

Contact any of the Dorset & Wilts. RFU’s own dedicated team:

  • Alan Ottaway, Chairman of Club Development,


  • Gerald Burden, Facilities Co-ordinator, Tel: 07415 995 087 

A Quick Guide to a planned Facilities Development at your Rugby Club

Firstly identify the next stage of your club's development, so you are clear in your own mind what your club requirements are for the future and then contact your local RFU Rugby Development Officer and the Dorset & Wilts RFU Facilities Co-ordinator to discuss your requirements, as they will need to sign off any application for RFU related funding.

Please critically analyse your proposals and robustly challenge their need to ensure that they are what the club requires and will make the difference you plan to achieve. At the same time, consider ‘deliverability’ starting with those who should form your project team, who will lead it and the professional support you may require. Also map out a sensible timetable including all key development ‘milestones’.

Please note that the Rugby Football Foundation does operate minimum standards on the following

  • Changing Rooms
  • Toilets
  • Floodlights.

If your project focuses on these areas you will be expected to work towards these as minimum standards if you intend to seek RFU grant.

The Rugby Football Foundation has produced a number of guidance notes to help rugby clubs with their application process; you can view these at 

  • Planning Permission
  • Floodlights
  • Grass Pitches
  • Grass Pitch Maintenance
  • Accessibility and DDA

If your clubs requirement are for Improving, Re-development or Replacing your existing facilities, your club will need both Club Accreditation and a Club Development Plan in place before certain funding can be granted by the Rugby Football Foundation. Your club will also need security of tenure on your facilities (Freehold – Lease) to apply for certain other types of funding.            

After you have reached the stage where you know what your future requirements are, together with your RDO and the Facilities Coordinator, you can form an action plan. Set out below are ten stages which could be within your action plan and who you should to discuss your requirements with.




Meet with

Your membership

RFU Rugby Development Officer

Dorset & Wilts RFU Facilities Co-ordinator

Local Authority

Other Local Community Group/Sports Clubs to find out what is required within your area, which you may be able to provide and in turn generate an income, particularly during the summer months.

Find out if you have any members in your club with professional qualifications within the construction industry, and who may be willing to carry out some the early work for you at a reduced rate or even better for free.

Use the local press to publicise your plans


Appoint an Architect to provide a draft scheme; do not go over the top with design drawings etc. at this stage, just a basic set of drawings will do, this will help to limit your spending. Remember that your planned may not go ahead.


Appoint a Quantity Surveyor or Estimator to provide a draft costing, to find out if you can afford the project. Try and agree a fixed fee with all your team to reduce any over spend.  


You may need to appoint a Planning Consultant to work alongside your Architect to deal with the Local Authority. You may have to get some speciality reports prepared to support your planning application        


Meet with

  • RFU Rugby Development Officer
  • Dorset & Wilts RFU Facilities Co-ordinator
  • Other funding agency

Please note that the Rugby Football Foundation does operate minimum standards on the following

  • Changing Rooms
  • Floodlights

If your project focuses on these areas you will be expected to work to these as minimum standard if you intend to seek an RFU grant.


Along with your Architect and Quantity Surveyor select at least three contractors to tender for the work


With aid of your Architect and Quantity Surveyor select your contractor.

Commencement of Work

Agree who from your club will be the main point of contact during construction with your contractor. Appoint a Project Manager to oversee the works, although this may be carried out by your Architect or  Main Contractor. Your Quantity Surveyor will have to agree all requests for payment.  

Completion of Works

Handover of your new facility

Official Opening

Invite the good and great from your local community (MP, Mayor, Councillors, Head and Sport Teachers) and the local press to the opening.


A Quick Guide to the make-up of a Rugby Club