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John Constable - President

Dorset & Wilts Rugby Football Union

Welcome to the new Rugby season in Dorset & Wilts. May I first say I consider it an honour to have been elected your President.

Every season we have to deal with a number of issues and last season was no exception. We had issues both on and off the field, especially in the Junior teams. It would seem a ‘Win at all Costs’ attitude to the game may have been an underlying factor. This season it is paramount that everyone involved with the game reflects the RFU Core Values - Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. Fundamentally we must all be as one in the Rugby Family whose ethos has given us a wonderful inheritance which we must guard and hand on to the next generation. Declining numbers of players and volunteers at Club & County level needs us all to ensure that everyone involved enjoys their participation at whatever level, whether it be playing or assisting in the background.Everyone is valued as they help to ensure clubs run, enabling those involved to be part of such a rich ‘Rugby’ family.

On the field last season it was great to see Trowbridge win the RFU Intermediate Cup, the first side from Dorset & Wilts to do so. Others clubs had success as well, whilst some had more difficult seasons in the leagues. I wish all teams the best of luck in the coming season. Behind the scenes a great deal of work is undertaken on your behalf by County Officers and those on sub-committees so that rugby can be enjoyed across the Two Counties. Please support those working tirelessly to enable Rugby to flourish. Please also ensure, where possible, that your club is represented at any meetings held, local Club Huddles or Counties wide meetings, to assist with taking the game forward.

Finally as we approach the Rugby World Cup in 2015, let us all extend a warm welcome to new players, spectators, club members and volunteers alike, joining our clubs, using RWC 2015 as the vehicle to promote the benefits of being part of the Rugby Family, having fun & enjoyment and making friends for life. Most of all I wish one and all an enjoyable and safe season.

John Constable

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