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The role of the RFU Rugby Development Officer is to implement the RFU’s strategy of “strengthening clubs and growing the game in the communities around them”.  

Working with the Constituent Body (CB) and other partners the RDOs support clubs to identify, prioritise and meet their needs. This work consists of many different varied activities ranging from providing support in accessing funding to the deployment of the RFU Community Rugby Coaches (CRC) to recruit and/or retain players.

The RDOs each have two CRCs for deployment within the CB. Whilst these four CRCs may work together as a team on occasions they each have prime responsibility for a number of clubs as well as functional lead responsibilities for Dorset and Wilts.

The CRCs are deployed to meet club needs in accordance with the above strategy and will work in clubs, schools and other institutions to that end. The CRCs will always work with the objectives of ‘legacy’ and ‘sustainability’ in mind and will negotiate this prior to deployment.

RDO and CRC support can be obtained by contacting them either by email or by phone.


Chris Burton,                                                 Alan Low

Rugby Development Officer, Dorset                        Rugby Development Officer, Wilts

Current Personnel :

Details updated 4th October 2014


RRM South West

Don Parsons 

07736 722495


Regional Manager Womens Rugby

Richard Major 

07850 982229







Rugby Development Officer, Dorset

Chris Burton 

07739 583536


Rugby Development Officer, Wilts

Alan Low 

07702 779452

07568 127789


W Dorset


CRC SE Dorset &

S Wilts

Nevil Jeffery 

07764 336705



Central  Wilts

Frank Butler 

 07711 385908




Ceri Large 

07734 967745


Funding, Facilities & Investment Manager

Jon Bendle 

07753 881272


Player Development Manager RFU

Alan Hubbleday 

07764 960374


Area Training Manager

Steve Harland 

07738 029107


Rugby Development Officer, FE Colleges

Hamish Morton 

07809  199943


University RDO


Sarah Hunter